jerks being jerks 

@ci8 someone (a not especially heat-vulnerable looking someone) in my own building deciding to idle their vehicle, presumably with air conditioning on, in the underground parking lot, to do the very important task of scrolling their phone in the drivers seat. (The driver of this vehicle has a child carseat in the back and is known to strata as a longstanding rule-bender wrt the wheelchair accessible parking space too.)


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jerks being jerks 

Jerk moves I, as a cyclist, had to deal with this weekend:
- a ridehail vehicle almost hitting my partner (also cycling) in an intersection of a protected bikelane because they were *pulling into the lane* to pick up a fare;
- the customer of a cycle shop smoking in the doorway of said shop while conducting a transaction with the owner - illegal by bylaw here btw.

birdsite reply 

I am surrounded by people throwing other people under the bus all the time. So much so I wonder what I myself am staying willfully blind to, because it does feel inevitable to some extent.

in-person adulting 

@ci8 it turns out this person deleted their Twitter account! But their horrific opinions from the wrong side of history are on archived video and I still ended up spending the entire event feeling disengaged and icky from having to share a room with them. Something tells me I will benefit from learning to make better use of time spent in uncomfortable rooms.

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in-person adulting 

tfw when you want to lowkey back channel shit talk sometime and you’re looking around the room to remind yourself of their birdsite misdeeds and they turn out to be standing right behind you

normal guilt(s) 

Planning a whirlwind Europe vacation as part of attending my brother’s wedding. These are things that are positive! Yet now I have three, four times more guilt than usual: (a) flying on a plane (b) during a pandemic with new waves/variants on the horizon (c) with my new partner (d) to a place where my ex and I made a lot of memories.

Just to make it extra weird, my brother has called my new partner by my old partner’s name twice. (it’s his second marriage too lololololol).

Timeline cleansing. Flowers in a wide planter at the Aga Khan Museum.

substance abuse 

@ci8 Scoop after scoop.

Further on in the ride she revealed she wasn’t able to see where the bus was and was crabbily conveying that she was relying on the driver and enunciator. She misunderstood the driver so I clarified to help her get where she was intending to go - two stops from my home.

Saying yes, even to this.

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substance abuse 

I haven’t talked about this to anyone, so I thought I would leave a note to myself here to process this eventually.

I took a trolley bus from downtown to my place at the top of the day on my last day of vacation, loaded down with too much stuff. At one point, a woman with torn jeans and a walker sat down. A few minutes into her ride, she began scooping white powder from a plastic laundry soap container into her mouth.

The full bus looked on aghast, suppressing disgust.

policy lyfe 

tfw when your name doppelgänger in town signs a petition for an issue taking a position you would NEVER take and the subsequent urge to recommit to differentiating the namespaces tout de suite


Spent the morning shredding cheese and pulling corn flour cheese waffles* for POI’s group chilli feast and now finally tucking into my Sunday morning tea, at noon. Do ALL the social grooming!

*If I’d fully had my wits, they’d have candied jalapenos in them… mostly for POI. I stuck habanero salt in them, they’re plenty hot lol

documenting the excesses of The Capitol 

@ci8 I’m squinting at the screen wondering, “Is my street on here?”

It’s not, but I discovered the other day that my property values increased the most between 2020 and this year in my neighbourhood (36%) so I suppose the oversight is superficial.

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documenting the excesses of The Capitol 

I wish I could say the real estate industry in the second most expensive city to live in (based on cost of home ownership vs. median income) had enough self-awareness not to make the theme of their awards gala “Monopoly”… but I can’t.

But at least they did a land acknowledgment? 🤷🏻‍♀️

medical, emo 

I have a medical condition that claims June as an awareness month. Every year since 2018, June 1st comes, I start to draft a post about it in my head, and every year I have struggled to follow through and actually post it.

I also struggle with an effective routine that would help me proactively manage its effects. It started interacting w/ other stuff to affect my sleep at length for the first time ever last week.

I’m trying to not see these things as disconnected.


@ci8 COLOURS. They are so, so delicious. In artificial light the blue and purple are easy to mix up.

A friend of mine commented in my consistent tension. My reply: so far this stitch / method seems
steady as a metronome.

Only 6 more of the 1.5 repeats I’ve already finished. (Will I complete it by the baby due date? I don’t really care, but that would be kind of cool! I probably won’t be done weaving 162 ends in though! 🙈)

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one of my tricks is googling ingredients and cooking ideas randomly.

exhibit: I ate sticky rice in lotus leaf for breakfast (Kam Wai Dim Sum ✌🏽). Thoughts went:
- could you sub fish for meat?
- Well, a tamale is a sister food to 糯米雞

So I googled fish tamales, and Google showed me… something that defies even my food imaginary.

It’s probably just the presence of zesty italian dressing. Just use sweet chili sauce ppl

property destruction 

I usually bristle at these kinds of statements, but this feels very au courant for Vancouver (though my inner pedant is insisting this is in one of the interior suburbs).


@ci8 wow, it’s been a stretch since I made forward progress on this! I let myself re-start only once before looking up how to add chains to the foundation because it turns out your girl can’t chain 99 with accuracy better than -3.

Here it is 4 rows in, curling as tunisian crochet does; work, hook, and ALLLLL the cakes. I’ve already said I’m never doing this again, right? That stitch definition with this yarn sure does give me a frisson of joy, though.

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gender, child illness 

Someone used the phrase “felt gender” in reflecting about their gender dysphoria.

Whenever I wonder about how this manifests for them and compares to my own experience of embodiment, the only thought I can conjure is, “You know what messes w/ one’s experience of felt gender? Being diagnosed and treated at 7 for a condition that occurs 85% to people AFAB.”

There were no online support groups when I was being treated but the ones now are extremely gender (and race) specific.

food, food safety, racism 

The attempt to ban chinese barbecue roast pork on safety grounds predates me and my family’s presence in Canada, so I will now try to remind myself regularly:

Eating roast pork (and offering it to ancestors) seems to me to _most definitely_ fit the definition of an act of resistance.

Still nuts to me they tried to ban it.

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