Is there a copyleft/open source license for "only worker-owned organizations can use this for profit"? I feel like that's really what we need.

hmmmmm.... what if... open source communalism?

@clarity there is!! I don't remember the name but iirc it was similar to GPL v3 but more restrictive

@xenon ooooh yes these appear to be very nearly what I want. My dream license probably also bans non worker-owned NGOs but I'd probably be able to work with these.

@clarity I seem to remember there is more than one, but all I can dig up right now is this discussion on "copyfarleft" or "copyfair" licenses:

I'll boost, and when I get off work I'll see if I can't dig up the other ones.

@clarity I have not found what I'm looking for in regards to licenses. I have one more place to look, but I won't be able to check until tomorrow. I'll try to remember.

(I apologize. The past couple of years have seen my personal notes become completely disorganized.)

@clarity Well, I found one of the ones I was thinking of, "The Cooperative Software License":

@clarity Okay, I've exhausted all the places I keep notes. The above license is the only specific one I've found. I'm pretty sure I've come across another one, but I can't find it. Good luck in your search!

@clarity there can't exist one, if it adds a restriction on who can use the software commercially it will not be open source / free software.

OTOH, just release things under the AGPL and most big corps won't touch it with a 10 feet pole even if they are legally allowed to do so by the license.

@valhalla I really don't care about the semantics of whether it is "actually" open-source.

@clarity you might be able to achieve something like that with cross-license collaboratives, not sure yet

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