Starting to entertain the thought that the way we do GUIs is broken on a core conceptual level. not abt to be a command line purist or anything but what if there were more blurry (and still accessible!) spaces between the two

my train of thought is: hardware is something that locks code into single user interface with physical buttons and whatnot. designing nice hardware is HARD and rigorous, too rigorous to be exploratory. For software, however, I think exploration is the whole point?

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On the command line, in the best instances, this exploration is really visible. I know I and many others view bash scripting as an arcane art, but also, look at the beautiful way different tools are chained together to meet spontaneous needs! I want us all to have that.

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Why is it an arcane art? Maybe it's because the discoverability is basically nonexistant. I don't want to read man pages. Imagine if the terminal had the magic autocomplete stuff that VS code is working on for js, or docs for your current tool automatically populated below the text box?

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Like, what if I didn't have to double-check my scripts for typos? And, what would it look like if we could keep the philosophy of the UNIX terminal while also breaking from the monospace font grid?

What if it was so easy to build graphical components that we could conjure spontaneous visual tools the way bash scripters work so elegantly with pipes?

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