Chapter 1
Zupančič notes a trend of modern psychoanalysts dismissing the sexual as irrelevant or even an impediment. She argues this is "a systematic reduction of the notion of sexuality to 'sexual practices' as constituting 'sexual intercourse'"

"Paradoxical as it might sound, one of the primary tasks of psychoanalysis is to produce sex as absolutely and intrinsically meaningless, not as the ultimate horizon of all humanly produced meaning. That is to say, to restore sex in its dimension of the real."

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This book is so well-written but very hard to condense into comprehensible posts, so maybe direct quotes aren't the way to go.

Essentially, in this first part she contrasts contemporary psychotherapy (which reduces the sexual to "a description of empirical features" describing intercourse, and then dismisses it as "an overrated epiphenomenon") with Freud (for whom it is "that which makes us subjects")

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