ynab 4 is refusing to load altogether even when I try to manually restore backups, so maybe it's time to make writing my own budget software a priority


okay I'm making my own budgeting software in ziglang.org. over the past few days I have:
- defined the data format for transactions histories (tsv files)
- wrote some generic tools for reading and parsing delimiter-separated files (I call them dsv)
- wrote a parser for transactions
- wrote a tool for parsing an arbitrary dsv string into an arbitrary struct, by defining rules for which columns to map to which fields (including merging columns or using alternate date formats)

I'm really enjoying zig! It's definitely taken some brain-bending to get used to writing manually-memory-managed code but now that I'm settling into it I feel like I'm writing much better code than I used to.

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@clarity The maintainer @andrewrk is also very nice too.

I keep meaning to learn it and try a port (I'd like to see it move past LLVM-only). But it never feels like the right time T_T. Maybe this July when my current contract's done...

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