I've been reading a bit more again, so I logged on to [the amazon book review site] and had the immediate thought that this kind of information would not only be best suited to local files + a static published website, but also that doing that would be easy.

here's my plan:
- attempt to write out a raw html+css site with all the relevant info
- listen for the pain points. consider making a tiny little templating tool for things like repeating lists or pages with shared data
- share it with friends and ask those interested what ways would be most useful for them to keep up with it (occasional social media reminders? rss? email list? activitypub feed?)


one of my major focuses in my growth as a coder right now is learning how to meet my needs with the least effort, without forming too many dependencies on tools I don't know how to maintain

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I guess this is a thing I am trying to learn & practice everywhere and not just in coding

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