My budgeting software seems to get slower and slower every month, so, I'm writing my own to replace it. Working with ncurses has been a little bit frustrating, but ultimately less frustrating than any other UI tool I've ever used.

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Incredible that I can find so much joy in writing a whole feature's worth of code, realizing that I don't actually need that feature, and then deleting all of my work. The responsibility of maintenance holds so much weight in my mind.

@clarity What budgeting tool were you using before? I've been helped tremendously by YNAB, but I'm starting to feel the lack of some features and considering alternatives. Trying to resist adding yet-another-project to my list though!

@ndpi I've been using the original native app version of YNAB (no longer available for purchase) for 10 years. I really like its basic model but it takes 15 minutes to start up these days and hangs constantly.

@ndpi and, I really just can't bring myself to "upgrade" to a webapp and no longer owning my own data.

@clarity totally. I used GNUcash for a little while in college but it didn’t really stick. YNAB’s envelope model works better for my mind. I do wish there was an internal transfer history though, so I could go through and remember when I’d moved stuff around

@ndpi desires of that nature are why I'm excited to have all of my data in a sqlite database that I can arbitrarily query.

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