I wrote about using browsers without tabs, and the relationship between convenience, scale, and alienation:

One of my 2021 projects is to start writing down my thoughts instead of just telling my girlfriends about them

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Thanks! I'm going to experiment with limiting tabs. Having so many open at a time has given me a false sense of productivity (or maybe importance?🤔 ). Maybe being focused on one thing at a time will be calming and invite in more intentionality. I will mess around and try to report back!

I started today. It went well. But the true test is tomorrow when work starts!


So I did this this week and the biggest issue was I have a lot of meetings and I kept closing the calendar tab so my reminders never popped up and I kept missing or being late to meetings. I've now installed a standalone calendar app.

@kavbojka I actually ran into the same issue this week! It's honestly felt nice to make my calendar and email apps standalone things instead of just another tab in a browser.

Oh that makes me feel better. I hate wasting people's time and was seriously worried that I was losing my marbles!

@clarity Good to read this!
Never understood how people could keep more than 5 tabs open at once.

I try to be offline be default and always even shutdown my computer completely when not using or working on it. I also put it in a drawer, so I don't even see it.

Friction is what creates time and space to imagine, feel and think in a more natural way. Convenience and efficiency is too often a cheap trick to prevent us to understand and to make us do things we probably don't want to.

@hansup Yeah, absolutely. Often, convenience just means externalizing the costs into less-visible places.

@clarity I am a person whose firefox deletes cookies, history and tabs after closing it. I was wondering what people are doing with 10+ tabs

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