I've finally started a personal wiki as a place to collect & organize thoughts, inspirations, and projects (inspired by @neauoire's and am finding it immediately rewarding. Unlike bookmarking services, social media posts, or one-off note files, I have to actively "unpack" or re-engage with my existing notes as I add to them. Excited to watch this strange garden grow over time

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@clarity hell fucking yeah stoked to see what you write and cultivate 🍓🐱⚡

@clarity aaah! I'm so glad. Are you thinking of making it publicly available for others to look through?

@neauoire @engartst woah, really? It's up on my end. I wonder if it's an https/http thing? I think my server is set to auto-redirect even though there's no reason it should

@clarity @neauoire I added a note to do the same by the end of this year(hopefully not wait till the end of the year).

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