@clarity This reminds me a bit of DHH's talk about open-source maintainers being treated like customer service. Open-source projects can have logos, marketing pages, and even Twitter accounts that talk in a "brand" voice. I guess it shouldn't be surprising when they're treated like commercial products? m.signalvnoise.com/open-source

@nolan Yeah, absolutely. There's this very understandable cultural desire to speak in the same language that we're being spoken to. But it's a one-way conversation, really, unless we step outside of it.

It's also the platforms fault (looking at Apple here): The standard unit of software is now an "App" (or somewhere between Application and App), which is a concept that has branding (app icon, name, colors) and the data/functionality silo-ing built-in.

@s_ol yeah I absolutely agree, distribution is the locus of this. App stores are particularly blatant in this regard, though I think package managers nudge in this direction too.

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