Tinkering with making a tiny tilde server for my friends. I set up my shell to tell me a random fact (via wikipedia) every time I log in

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Oh, nice, just learned about the "fold" command for not letting words cross newline boundaries.

@clarity Thanks for taking the time to write alt text for your screenshot. However, the large ASCII art would be quite annoying for any blind users accessing your server. If your server is private, then that's fine, but I thought you'd want to know.

Also, it's kind of sad that alternate text for an image has to be a flat string of plain text. I've often dreamed of a way of taking screenshots that automatically includes rich accessibility info (e.g. an HTML DOM).

@matt Yeah, it's a private server so I know all the needs I need to accommodate and would definitely make a lot of changes if I ever was inviting a screen-reader user.

And yeah it absolutely is a shame that alt text has to be plaintext, I regularly find myself wishing I could, say, mark up a code block inside of alt text.

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