After years of avoiding doing layout for any of my RPGs for no particular reason, I'm finally getting back into it so I can move towards releasing things again

this is by far the most complicated game I've ever made, so it's a challenge to figure out what information needs to be conveyed in a reference sheet, and how exactly to pack it all in there in a legible way. I'll probably fiddle with this a lot after each playtest

I dunno why I was avoiding this, layout is fun. Planning to release this game as a collection of zines; it's an interesting challenge to figure out how to convey everything needed in a limited page count.


@profoundlynerdy oh, lord no, not this one. I've made 1-page rpgs before but in this case you can see the "8" and "9" at the bottom. The core rules will hopefully land at about 50 pages, and then there will be adventure modules and splatbooks of similar lengths

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