finally playing around with @neauoire's uxn. I've had this idea for a platformer kicking around, it might be fun to see if I can wrap my head around writing it in a stack machine.

(clearly my sprite-clearing code isn't working quite as expected)

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properly preventing double jumps and also only triggering jumps when the button transitions from up to down (little blinky square lights up whenever jump button is down, for reference)

@clarity aaah! I'm so excited to follow along :D It'll be the first platformer on Uxn!

@neauoire awesome! working in this really feels like playing a Zachtronics game

@clarity haha, that's a great comparison. :) Do you know about F2 to display the debugger yet?

@neauoire I do (thanks to @chirrolafupa's tutorial)! One thing I'm running into is that it can be difficult to debug a realtime issue, because if you break out of the screen vector it'll just retrigger. Is there a convenient way I could freeze the program?

@clarity @chirrolafupa mhmm, not right now, but that's a very good idea, let me add this up.

So let's say F4 to toggle play/pause?

@neauoire what if I could write to a System/freeze device which stops execution entirely until you manually press a button to resume?

@clarity the System device has no "knowledge" of the keyboard input device, so it couldn't be toggled off by a keypress.

@neauoire ahh sure yeah. well specifics regardless, it'd be nice to have some way to enter a proper debugging breakpoint at an arbitrary location, but I've been learning to work without

@clarity Oh, let me see. So instead of a play/pause F key, would you prefer if you had a System/halt port that stops the emulator when fired? it might be pretty useful to capture a specific state of the memory and stack. It would be a tiny thing to implement too! What do you think about that?

@neauoire yeah, exactly! and maybe even going from that to a step-by-step debugger wouldn't be much of a leap either

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