Here is what the data format looks like (this is what I directly edit)

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this is done! there's a lot I could add to the toolchain to make it nicer, and there's many more books I could add too, but I'm calling it done now because I want to build a habit of actually finishing things

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js-chan really tries her best to do what you ask her to do, even if it doesn't make any sense

this is a nice gentle short comic that happens to be about things I've been dwelling on lately

honestly this game is mostly a dress-up simulator for me now

my villager is slowly accumulating a better wadrobe than my irl one

reading Zupančič's "What is Sex?"

"When dealing with a conflictual reality one can't see everything from everywhere; some positions dissimulate the conflict and some reveal it. What this book aims to show is that sex, or the sexual, is such a position in psychoanalysis."

(quotes are going to be abbreviated somewhat to fit. Alenka likes her parentheticals)

after an unreasonable amount of research, I figured out how to change my browser's default stylesheets to set a max width on paragraphs, list items, and headings because I am so tired of line lengths that span my entire screen

feels like it's been a struggle just to stay afloat lately, but I'm hanging in there

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