In the static site generator I'm working on, you can include shell commands in your documents, the output of which is run through the parser. The payoff for this has already been incredible.

the 20-person-ish startup I work at is hiring a data systems engineer 

It would particularly make me happy to have more queer people to work with.

Our engineering team is mostly located in Portland, Oregon but we're open to hiring fully remote employees.

Included are some snippets from our company handbook.

Been working on my budget software again recently. After such a long break I'm finding that I'm feeling refreshed and much more creative and am seeing the code more clearly.

One thing I've been struggling with is how ncurses swallows all your stderr output. It really messes up my printf debugging. So, I modified my logger to log to a file which is then printed when you exit ncurses mode. Then I made a shortcut that lets you step out of ncurses mode temporarily like Vim.

gif contains flashing

Updated my website ( to include links to my reading list and the most recent thing I've made. Also made the html more accessible and gave it a lower-key look.

My budgeting software seems to get slower and slower every month, so, I'm writing my own to replace it. Working with ncurses has been a little bit frustrating, but ultimately less frustrating than any other UI tool I've ever used.

Here is what the data format looks like (this is what I directly edit)

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this is done! there's a lot I could add to the toolchain to make it nicer, and there's many more books I could add too, but I'm calling it done now because I want to build a habit of actually finishing things

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js-chan really tries her best to do what you ask her to do, even if it doesn't make any sense

this is a nice gentle short comic that happens to be about things I've been dwelling on lately

honestly this game is mostly a dress-up simulator for me now

my villager is slowly accumulating a better wadrobe than my irl one

reading Zupančič's "What is Sex?"

"When dealing with a conflictual reality one can't see everything from everywhere; some positions dissimulate the conflict and some reveal it. What this book aims to show is that sex, or the sexual, is such a position in psychoanalysis."

(quotes are going to be abbreviated somewhat to fit. Alenka likes her parentheticals)

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