@s_ol yeah I absolutely agree, distribution is the locus of this. App stores are particularly blatant in this regard, though I think package managers nudge in this direction too.

@nolan Yeah, absolutely. There's this very understandable cultural desire to speak in the same language that we're being spoken to. But it's a one-way conversation, really, unless we step outside of it.

@helveticablanc πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ really been thinking that I could replace most of my time spent idly browsing social media with wandering my way through all these different little personal thought-gardens.

@friend I'm not sure what you mean by "templates", honestly. These aren't templates, they are documents, filled with very context-specific information. I'll add a note in the documentation to not run this tool on documents that you haven't read yourself, but that feature has no use for me because I have no intention of ever doing that.

@friend I mean, it doesn't run as sudo or anything, so it can do anything any other malicious non-superuser program that you haven't read the source code for could theoretically do

@annika hahaha, technically not, since the output will always be an html/gmi file and not an exe, but I guess you could output a document with a link to the compiled exe?

In the static site generator I'm working on, you can include shell commands in your documents, the output of which is run through the parser. The payoff for this has already been incredible.


@helveticablanc I know Evan Dahm has self-published a number of works under CC and has also been published by Iron Circus and First Second Books

The more I work on my static site generator the more I come to appreciate the finer points of gemini. Realized today that I'm not properly escaping any of my html content, so some code blocks that contain html are rendering wrong.

the 20-person-ish startup I work at is hiring a data systems engineer 

@zethra Junior positions do open up now and then, so it's worth checking back in on!

the 20-person-ish startup I work at is hiring a data systems engineer 

@nein09 right!? it's an amazing policy.

@isobel oh, this is neat! and yeah I think get what you mean, it's something that can easily overtake me too, but it might be a good rare study activity

the 20-person-ish startup I work at is hiring a data systems engineer 

@eqe I of course have my struggles but I honestly consider myself extraordinarily lucky to be employed at this company, it doesn't really get much better than this

the 20-person-ish startup I work at is hiring a data systems engineer 

It would particularly make me happy to have more queer people to work with.

Our engineering team is mostly located in Portland, Oregon but we're open to hiring fully remote employees.

Included are some snippets from our company handbook.


I've deleted that job posting because apparently our remote policy has improved and is now way less nonsense, will re-post as soon as I'm clear on it :)

@neauoire @engartst woah, really? It's up on my end. I wonder if it's an https/http thing? I think my server is set to auto-redirect even though there's no reason it should clarity.flowers/wiki

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