@xj9 are there any good pubs I should be aware of?

@xj9 I deleted the original bc it was a twitter crosspost that would need to be rewritten for masto, but yeah scuttlebutt is pretty cool, I've been meaning to get into it.

@fuzzy Oh, hmm I might try those out sometime. I do actually like the real-time component of animal crossing (tho I think it's too aggro about it) because I like games that focus on daily ritual and don't encourage me to binge-play them, but I feel like you could easily have the best of both worlds with a system that runs real-time on its own for up to a day and then pauses until you come back.

@mxsparks omg hi! cool name!! I shorten mine to "Claire" sometimes

really want a game with the tone and energy of animal crossing that is about observation, nurturing, and connection instead of accumulation and extraction

left organizing 

left organizing 

@mario_afk wow I wish more web design looked like this tbh

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