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"Paradoxical as it might sound, one of the primary tasks of psychoanalysis is to produce sex as absolutely and intrinsically meaningless, not as the ultimate horizon of all humanly produced meaning. That is to say, to restore sex in its dimension of the real."

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Chapter 1
Zupančič notes a trend of modern psychoanalysts dismissing the sexual as irrelevant or even an impediment. She argues this is "a systematic reduction of the notion of sexuality to 'sexual practices' as constituting 'sexual intercourse'"

More on that first sentence: per Althusser, when a theory "situates itself within the conflict that they theorize" (as in marxism & psychoanalysis), a "neutral" position will be that of the ruling class, and as such "objectivity" is linked to "the very capacity of being partisan"

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reading Zupančič's "What is Sex?"

"When dealing with a conflictual reality one can't see everything from everywhere; some positions dissimulate the conflict and some reveal it. What this book aims to show is that sex, or the sexual, is such a position in psychoanalysis."

(quotes are going to be abbreviated somewhat to fit. Alenka likes her parentheticals)

the culture that emerged on social media over the last decade seems to believe that the map is sacred and the terrain is profane

doing some research, attempting to fix fuck/marry/kill. which would you rather do w me:

so like, NIMBYs suck, but I also feel like it's unreasonable to expect any other reaction when completely alienating people from having any agency over their neighborhood. like, why do we have a system where people who you've never met in your life get the only say by default?

the way AI has been manifesting itself in the culture lately scares me. I see it a culmination of the ideology of scale and alienation that began during industrialization: opaque, impersonal, and homogenizing. a technology that only functions at inhuman scales

starting to believe that it was a mistake to have browsers' stylesheets be so unappealing and ugly. it forces every site to supply their own css. now every piece of software we use has its branding inextricably tied to the functionality and customizing it requires expertise

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after an unreasonable amount of research, I figured out how to change my browser's default stylesheets to set a max width on paragraphs, list items, and headings because I am so tired of line lengths that span my entire screen

I want a shooter (fps or over-the-shoulder or whatever) with parries. idk like, lemme hit a dodge button and if I dodge a bullet time slows down for a second

I seem to be slipping back into hyperfocusing as a coping mechanism so if I'm not reaching out and saying hi its probably because my brain has decided it would be better to do something that I will never finish like writing an operating system from scratch or composing a symphony

anyway 1 month into quarantine and I'm considering self-hosting my email from a raspberry pi, somebody help

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I want an operating system that treats notifications a little more like emails/todo list items, and maybe even lets you keep all of those things in the space place. As-is the combination of impermanence and immediacy that notifications bring makes me anxious

it makes me want to interrogate the things a service is "expected" to have and come up with a paradigm that meets your needs without needing a massive chain of tools. obviously decentralization is a great example tho that's not always what I'm hoping to do

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thinking about how much of a pain it is to spin up & maintain a web service, esp once you have user accounts and do email and all that stuff. in my ideal world it would be entirely practical to run the full stack of a simple service from your bedroom

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