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pitch: it's github, but PRs and issues come with sliding scale fees, because open source maintainers need to eat

Do I know anybody who plays piano or listens to solo classical piano stuff? I'd love to have recommendations for pieces to learn. I mostly tend to just stick to Chopin, Bach and a few early-modernists and would love to branch out more.

js-chan really tries her best to do what you ask her to do, even if it doesn't make any sense

when your heart shines brightly, what kind of light does it give off?

I've honestly started using this as a way to loosely categorize my queer friends in my head. Just like, what kind of wonder & magic does your best self evoke? For me it's definitely sunlight but my gfs are more moonlight and starlight.

(remember kids, categories are the primary way brains make sense of chaos but we should be careful to not let the map and the terrain trade places)

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when your heart shines brightly, what kind of light does it give off?

quarantine finally got to us and the girlfriends and I have started playing ffiv

This thread from @showerpickles explains some of her work in the neighborhood I live in (back before I lived here). The work that she and others did organizing against police is one of the main reasons why this neighborhood was attractive to me and my husband when we were looking to move. We were upset when we moved here and discovered that the leftist organizers had been essentially strong-armed out of the neighborhood.

I keep trying to use ^c:w to save in vs code now tho

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Lately I've been using Vim as my editor at home, mostly just to help keep a distinction between my job and my personal life. It's satisfying to slowly gain an understanding of it. I appreciate these old tools in a lot of ways, though I really wish discoverability had've been a higher priority in early computing.

after nearly three months of quarantining to keep each other safe during potential symptoms, I finally get to see my girlfriend again. feels like time coming off pause

when discussing prison abolition, the question is "well what do we do about the unrepentant murderers" and I think the pertinent response here is, who is "we"? Are _you_ doing something? Do you have any meaningful power to hold the violent people in your life accountable?

I'm really enjoying zig! It's definitely taken some brain-bending to get used to writing manually-memory-managed code but now that I'm settling into it I feel like I'm writing much better code than I used to.

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okay I'm making my own budgeting software in over the past few days I have:
- defined the data format for transactions histories (tsv files)
- wrote some generic tools for reading and parsing delimiter-separated files (I call them dsv)
- wrote a parser for transactions
- wrote a tool for parsing an arbitrary dsv string into an arbitrary struct, by defining rules for which columns to map to which fields (including merging columns or using alternate date formats)

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I sure did pick a hell of a time to stop using twitter

I've been thinking a lot about convenience. What is and isn't convenient is such a powerful influence on our lives, and technology plays a massive role in shaping this. It's always been easy for me to notice the things that are difficult that I wish were easy, but the other way around is much harder.

Trying to reflect on what is being made convenient in my life that shouldn't be, and figure out plans for changing that.

ynab 4 is refusing to load altogether even when I try to manually restore backups, so maybe it's time to make writing my own budget software a priority

this is a nice gentle short comic that happens to be about things I've been dwelling on lately

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