Dreamed that I got a Nintendo Switch as a gift.

Baby slept for 6 straight hours last night! What luxury!

If Thanos’ concern is depletion of resources, why doesn't he use his power glove to create more resources instead of killing half the population?

I’m enjoying They Might Be Giants’ kids albums, even if our week-old daughter doesn’t care either way.

Marvel Unlimited or Comixology Unlimited? (I'm leaning toward Comixology)

Anyone else still playing Pokemon Go? My trainer code is 0812 9044 4112.

I love how easy it is to edit large files in BBEdit.

I don't know where it came from, but I have the theme song from “Cheers” stuck in my head. 🍺🎶

If you're exposed to radiation at the Grand Canyon, do you gain the super powers of a natural wonder?

Puppy chewed the cap on my Lamy Safari. Fortunately, she didn’t get through to the ink. Another positive externality: I can buy a new pen!

I hope the paint ends up all the same color when it dries. 😬

Help! I have too many notes apps, and I’m using all of them sporadically. I need to pare down and systematize...

- Agenda
- Bear
- Day One
- Devon think
- Drafts
- Goodnotes

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