A friend who works at NPR is looking for a contract UX researcher. Contract is 3- to 6 months; up to 40 hours per week; remote OK. I can forward the position description PDF if you're interested.

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nonwhite, non-cishet dads (boost to find dads) 

thrilled with the influx of new users dads.cool has had over the last week since we moved to a new server and added local-only posting. However, there’s not the level of diversity in our ranks that I’d hope for.

If you know a dad who is a person of color and/or is non-het/has a non-cis male gender identity, my DMs are open for invites! Enjoy a helpful and friendly local for privately discussing parenting.

PS: Moms can be dads

Today I Learned this one-liner to "pretty print" a JSON file:
`python -m json.tool <filename>`

Forgot that I registered waspnostril.com until I got a renewal notification this morning.

I can't wait for the next (final) season of "The Good Place."

Once nice thing about updating my web site is that I no longer feel obligated to delete the URL from my e-mail signature before hitting send.

I finally pushed my updated site to the server: curtmerrill.com

There is more work to do, but if I waited until it's "done," it would never be seen.

Do your kids have godparents? How did you choose them?

I used to be incredulous when one of my parents used my brothers’ names to refer to me. Don’t they know their own son’s name!?

I’ve used my dog’s name instead of my daughter’s many times in the first three months of her life.

Dreamed that I got a Nintendo Switch as a gift.

Baby slept for 6 straight hours last night! What luxury!

If Thanos’ concern is depletion of resources, why doesn't he use his power glove to create more resources instead of killing half the population?

New pen day: TWSBI Eco in transparent orange (EF nib)

I’m enjoying They Might Be Giants’ kids albums, even if our week-old daughter doesn’t care either way.

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