@annika It's an essay by author Robin Sloan in the format of a Twitter-like site. The site itself is a fiction, just a base (or "platform") on which to serve the essay.

Forgot that I registered waspnostril.com until I got a renewal notification this morning.

I can't wait for the next (final) season of "The Good Place."

Once nice thing about updating my web site is that I no longer feel obligated to delete the URL from my e-mail signature before hitting send.

I finally pushed my updated site to the server: curtmerrill.com

There is more work to do, but if I waited until it's "done," it would never be seen.

Do your kids have godparents? How did you choose them?

I used to be incredulous when one of my parents used my brothers’ names to refer to me. Don’t they know their own son’s name!?

I’ve used my dog’s name instead of my daughter’s many times in the first three months of her life.

Dreamed that I got a Nintendo Switch as a gift.

Baby slept for 6 straight hours last night! What luxury!

If Thanos’ concern is depletion of resources, why doesn't he use his power glove to create more resources instead of killing half the population?

New pen day: TWSBI Eco in transparent orange (EF nib)

@hyperjinx Looks like an upside-down stormtrooper helmet.

I’m enjoying They Might Be Giants’ kids albums, even if our week-old daughter doesn’t care either way.

@map Dang it! I had a pretty good idea of what this was before I clicked "play," but did it anyway. Now it's in my head for good.

@b @annika 🙋🏻‍♂️ I’m also interested in how one might chip in.

Marvel Unlimited or Comixology Unlimited? (I'm leaning toward Comixology)

Anyone else still playing Pokemon Go? My trainer code is 0812 9044 4112.

I love how easy it is to edit large files in BBEdit.

I don't know where it came from, but I have the theme song from “Cheers” stuck in my head. 🍺🎶

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