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I hope the paint ends up all the same color when it dries. 😬

Help! I have too many notes apps, and I’m using all of them sporadically. I need to pare down and systematize...

- Agenda
- Bear
- Day One
- Devon think
- Drafts
- Goodnotes

Not only is there a real J. Peterman catalog, but the actor who played J. Peterman on “Seinfeld” is now an investor in the company.

My new Kaweco Sport arrived. 😀 but I have too many other pens inked up, so it will have to wait. 😩

I can't wait to use "wasp nostril" in person. Thanks, "The Good Place."

I used to think "my dog ate my homework" was a silly excuse. But now I have a puppy who *really* likes to chew paper.

I just plugged in 3 (three!) USB cables the right way on the first try. Time to go buy lottery tickets!

That feeling when your flight is shorter than your drive to the airport.


I really like posts from @accessibleColors — especially the color names.

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Finally releasing another utility called Contraste. Please download it at but more importantly, please use it and make sure your website or app is accessible to people with visual impairment! Feedback and boosts appreciated :)

Never meet your heroes.

After listening to their podcasts at 1.5x, they sound very different in real life.

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Awww, Bungie's API has an "X-BungieNext-Renderer" header with "Frog Blast the Ventcore." ❤️

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