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If you're exposed to radiation at the Grand Canyon, do you gain the super powers of a natural wonder?

Puppy chewed the cap on my Lamy Safari. Fortunately, she didn’t get through to the ink. Another positive externality: I can buy a new pen!

I hope the paint ends up all the same color when it dries. 😬

Help! I have too many notes apps, and I’m using all of them sporadically. I need to pare down and systematize...

- Agenda
- Bear
- Day One
- Devon think
- Drafts
- Goodnotes

Not only is there a real J. Peterman catalog, but the actor who played J. Peterman on “Seinfeld” is now an investor in the company.

My new Kaweco Sport arrived. 😀 but I have too many other pens inked up, so it will have to wait. 😩

I can't wait to use "wasp nostril" in person. Thanks, "The Good Place."

I used to think "my dog ate my homework" was a silly excuse. But now I have a puppy who *really* likes to chew paper.

I just plugged in 3 (three!) USB cables the right way on the first try. Time to go buy lottery tickets!

That feeling when your flight is shorter than your drive to the airport.


I really like posts from @accessibleColors — especially the color names.

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