@clarity that's great!! it's sunny here too and I'm feeling very optimistic about life for the first time in a bit! :D

“If you looked like that, I’d do you in a second.” Mike Bloomberg to that same woman.

“I like theater, dining and chasing women,"-Mike Bloomberg

“I really want to have Jennifer Lopez.”-Mike Bloomberg 2003

“It will do everything, including give you head. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business." Mike Bloomberg referencing the computer terminal that made him a billionaire.

Mike Bloomberg has settled over 40 Racial and Gender discrimination lawsuits over the span of his career.

if you've ever wondered what it's like in my head, take a moment to imagine the protypical hamster on a wheel, then imagine hundreds of them

you zoom out, these hundreds of hamsters on wheels are powering a mecha hamster, spinning its own much larger wheel

you zoom out again, there are hundreds of these mecha hamsters, all spinning their own wheels which power a much larger mecha hamster, a mecha mecha hamster if you will

you turn to your companion and say "by jove, how many levels of hamsters could there be?" and she turns and responds to you, insanity buried deep in her eyes, and speaks, "my dear reader, I'm afraid it's hamsters all the way down"

@annika thanks, you too!! taking it a little slow this morning which is always nice

ah yes masto monday the day where i yell about homestuck on a DIFFERENT website

@HTHR summer, alternating between melting and cooling off in a river or lake

follow-up question: what's your LEAST favorite season?

what's your favorite season?

@HTHR summer is GOOD because i can wear TEAL and SALMON and NOBODY YELLS AT ME

@HTHR the summer haters really coming on strong on this one


Also a reminder to boost, lift up, and give your money to Brown and Black voices on Mastodon this #mastomonday

thank 💖

Happy #MastoMonday! Remember: Be kind and welcoming to new folks today, and don't be afraid to post an introduction/what you're working on under the hashtag!

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