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It is a beautiful day in the cluster and you are a horrible container.

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It’s a terrible suppertime in the cybercafé, and you are a god-forsaken chick.

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i will reiterate my call for leftist theorists and thinkers to please learn to say shit in plain english so you don't literally need a PhD in marxology to disseminate and dissect their ideas

(also it would save us from so much sectarian conflict over ambiguities in meaning)

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Happy indigenous peoples day.

Give your friendly neighborhood indigenous person love today.

Like me, dying of a sinus infection.

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TRANSITIONING TIP: try to hit being L, G, B, *and* T at different points in your life to get the Gay Rights Combo which deals +250% damage against terfs

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"What happens when you become the representation you’ve been fighting for?” Racist Sandwich co-creator Soleil Ho on the pressure, anxiety, and risk of commodification that comes with the SF Chronicle naming her their newest restaurant critic.

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And of course there is an intellectual component to decolonization. It is very important to look at how language and the way we see the world has been colonized and to undo those processes. But academics, especially white academics, are using that work to look smart and to avoid the work of actually dismantling their own positions of power.

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Just like intellectuals made 'queering' into a toothless thought experiment that doesn't really effect queers, they seem to be doing the same to the verb 'decolonize'.

To decolonize means to stop the process of colonialism and get the colonist out.

So you can't decolonize a museum by changing the wording of the signs, you have to actually return the stolen art, ALL of it.
You can't decolonize Anthropology by writing papers. You have to actually stop studying POC to advance your white career.

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So, coming from a white semi-academic: if you are white and you wanna decolonize:

- Stop trying to get any sort of career advancement out of it. No thesis. No published paper. No grants. You do not get to exploit this.
- Be prepared to give stuff up. Be prepared to dismantle and destroy stuff that you’ve been taught to respect. Be prepared to not be liked.
- Focus on the physical. Stop the process of colonialism and get the colonist out.
- Listen to people of color, for fucks sake.

is adam neely in the contrapoints youtube friend squad now????

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As Black Belt Eagle Scout, radical indigenous queer feminist Katherine Paul makes intimate indie rock shaped by her family and upbringing on the Swinomish Indian Reservation, creating space for others like her to follow.

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It’s an awful suppertime in the hillside, and you are a juicy fish.

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Asking for a friend:

Anyone know a good employment lawyer in WA state who would work pro bono? I suspect that requiring someone to have a car for a single location desk job is not legal.

boosts appreciated

@hierarchon this video wasn't *not* an inspiration :p

I stretched the chorus of mmm watcha say to a four minute ambient thing and I don't know if it's a joke or not

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