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Since we hit $25,000, it's time to announce our ULTIMATE STRETCH GOAL...

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: ROAD TRIP ANTHOLOGY! An episodic side game about all the people who live in other areas of Meatworld!

I am so pleased that the #MEATPUNKS Kickstarter hit their "bonus pay" stretch goal. That's a good goal to have. I'm wary of projects with tons of "if we get $X, we will add Y" stretch goals. The simplicity of "if we get to $X, we will just pay everyone $X/everyone more," is so good. It's also a great indicator that the original scope was the right one: There's just not that much to add.

"A thing isn't done when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing left to take away," or whatever.

Blogged: XOXO 2019

"We're not built to do big things alone. We're built to do things together." —Amelia and Emily Nagoski, 2019

forgot that my 3ds was in my backpack during xoxo until @annika popped up in my streetpass plaza! :3

Looks like the fundraiser will hit its stretch goal this year! It's just a couple hundred dollars from $10,000, which would mean a $5,000 donation to both Street Books and Portland Street Medicine.

We've reached the first #MEATPUNKS stretch goal within just a few hours! The game will be coming with an extended soundtrack! Can we make it to the next as well?

working on a minecraft build, trying to figure out the architecture and dynamics of a fully communal anarchist society in the middle of an ocean

"There are more of us than we can actually imagine." —Harry Brewis (Hbomberguy)

day 1 verdict: just realized that I better start saving now because I'm gonna have to come back for another xoxo

Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera are possibly the cutest and sweetest people on this planet.

Brian David Gilbert is a treasure. And for the record, he owns two pairs of jorts.

: the conference where you sit down at a table of strangers and get on the subject of ants with knife shoes within ten minutes

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