Well this is already great:

"Yet despite the routine association between law and
violence within Western political theory, it still sticks in
the throat. In providing the definition in political
geography classes, for example, I have found a hesita-
tion from the students and myself. We mouth the
definitions, but hurry from their implications. This
is because, of course, violence and law appear antithetical."

(cont) "Liberalism tends to locate violence
law, positing
state regulation as that which contains and prevents an
anomic anarchy. The rule of law is deemed superior, given
its ability to regulate violence in a civilized and humane
way. The result, as John Keane (1996, 7) notes, is a‘‘frozen
political imagination’’ towards violence."

"The formation of national
identity is, in part, a meditation on the meanings and
significance of land as property, evidenced in frontier
stories in the United States (Ellis 1993) or mythologies of
the English garden (Darian-Smith 1999)."

"[M]aterial landscapes -- such as the interrogation center -- encode state violences, sanitizing and denying such violences at the same time as they signal their inescapability. Territorial imagery and constructions of ‘‘inside’’ and ‘‘outside’’ are put to work to justify violences, whether of the state or of paramilitary organizations."

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