Good morning I finished painting a drywall repair patch in our bathroom and hung stuff back up which means I was able to CLEAN THE BATHROOM for the first time in WEEKS and I’m a hero

If there’s ever a fire, after I rescue the cats I’m going back for my autographed photo of Vanna White I’ve had since the mid-80s.

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When I was little I loved Wheel of Fortune and Vanna White so much. I always wondered what would happen if she refused to turn over the letters.

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@jennatar @courtney contestants stealing vowels from the vowel vault backstage

@courtney I’ve often idly wondered, without exerting the effort to google it, when the show swapped from actually turning the letters to her just touching them

@courtney I like that she sued Samsung over violation of right to privacy, violation of right of publicity, and trademark infringement and won her appeal.

@br I didn’t know about this! Also did a genuine lol at “steak revealed to be a health food” — predicting keto/paleo

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