I skipped all of the pre-conference xoxo stuff because it looked like it would be a shitshow and based on reports...that was the correct move.


It’s a bummer that Art & Code turned out to be incredibly overcrowded and ran over an hour behind schedule, since I’m p sure “art & code” used to be the point of xoxo.

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@courtney I missed it because it was so packed and I later heard it wasn’t taped? I hope that’s not the case, and they’ll put videos up. I have big regrets for not going.

@ja2ke aaaahahahaha, if they end up not having video of this, that’ll be incredible. Every time it’s like “we were so busy doing a bunch of over the top bonus stuff, the fundamental logistics got overlooked.”

@courtney because, as you say, that subject is basically the heart of XOXO and everything folks were saying afterward about it sounded very good

@ja2ke yeah apparently “we aren’t recording evening talks” was “announced” in the slack Channel at some point, definitely a great place to put necessary info for an event: Slack

@ja2ke but they’ve been telling people no recording/livestreaming on your own, and noooobody would Disobey so. 🤷‍♂️

@courtney I did the right thing: I complained to the void in a slack channel about it.

@courtney boo to no recording! Those were the talks I’m most interested in and I don’t regret picking the Thorns game instead ...

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