My favorite XOXO talk remains the Golan Levin & Pablo Garcia postmortem of their kickstarter that included the names, faces, and living/working conditions of all the Chinese factory workers who actually built the product. The atmosphere in the room just kept getting more and more tense and uncomfortable because nobody could figure out how/when/if to clap. You could feel the room being forced to grow, it ruled.

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Close runner up, of course, is Darius Kazemi’s roast of every XOXO talk, “How I Won The Lottery”:

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@anildash @courtney the best part of how i won the lottery is that as he starts approaching the 8 minute mark, like CLOCKWORK i find myself thinking "hey, maybe i could play the lottery too....." and I have to wrestle my brain back into submission

@courtney that one was incredible, and anticipated by everyone except either Andy

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