When I can call entire shots and sequences in your cut scenes, you’re no longer “inspired by” a film, you’re just stealing

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I’m trying to play Witcher 3 but between all the stuff it steals from the Lord of the Rings movies and the rampant unwarranted heteronormativity, it’s...pretty bad

@vogon instant camera: a camera with the built in ability to litter

Omg this game was inspired by a Molydeux tweet?? Wonderful.

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sext: you find your internal sense of self-worth

I’ve had “All Star” stuck in my head for two days and it’s all @aanand’s fault.

@smadin yeah and it appears “I’m sorry, I’m super hungry and dehydrated” is the response, which like. Ok? But also maybe have someone else do intros for the rest of the day.

Leaving xoxo...the last talk had a bunch of racist screenshots in it at one point and apparently the speaker told the Andys about it and they forgot to give the content warning.

Once the event runners start violating their own CoC, I’m out.

Between the table rounds with black tablecloth and the black/teal color scheme, xoxo has major “1990s awkward wedding” vibes

@caraellison skull with a speech bubble saying the slogan, like a zen dark mark

@caraellison yeah a big thing for me is realizing I can still control and be responsible for my behavior even in the face of very bad behavior from others

Every time I’m like “well maybe I’ll stop by xoxo” there’s just more stuff that’s like “wait...what?” in the event slack and makes me think it’s not even worth going across town to check in at registration. Life is too short to be voluntarily frustrated and confused by shit you pay for.

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I realize I must be in the minority on this, but I just want events to have an actually-organized, complete schedule, and to then follow it. I don’t need “surprises” I want to know what I’m walking into.

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