Trying to make more of an effort to be present on Mastodon. 😀 What are your top tips for establishing your Mastodon habits?

In other news, I forgot to share my Hufflepuff nails with y’all. With badger thumbs!

Still not over Bourdain, but finally got the courage to start watching S9 of Parts Unknown. Love how each episode has prompted great convos, but will soon miss these prompts. Vowing to become more intentional and diligent about having these conversations about culture and race though.

:blobpats: Self-soothing this week with:
• Donut County
• Stardew Valley
• Animal videos
• Meditation
• Catching brief moments of sun in the backyard
• Cat brushing

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wao, after getting back from the big week-long work event on Saturday, I’m still not fully recovered. It feels like I peopled enough for a whole month! 😅 Spouse had to convince me to leave the house today – I’m glad I did though, ‘cause we had some stellar Thai food. Now back to our regularly scheduled couch.

@zannah @fraying Someone I met at XO the other day (I already forgot their name!) showed me this pin that we all need:

@fraying I hear you 💛 It’s overwhelming and tiring. I am still rallying to get out the door to go today, after a bit of panic this morning.

Turned leftover Chinese takeout of stuffed eggplant into a sort of Tortang Talong with Giniling (a Filipino eggplant and pork omelet) for breakfast this morning. It wasn’t picture-worthy but it was tasty enough that I had to tell y’all. 😋

Also today, we watched 2+ hours
of music videos from 1983 at our favorite movie theater. I had a good day. 💖

While getting my blood drawn today, the lab tech noticed my watch with the Pip-Boy face (thanks @neven) and we talked about video games the entire time. ✨

@liz @roseveleth Same, I didn’t think it was anything negative! 💛

(Still didn’t click)

I got so out of the habit of checking birdsite multiple times a day that it’s hard for me to even check Masto more than every other day.

Just felt like I had to explain why I’m responding to and faving your toots from days ago. Hi.

Not even sure why I felt like I had to do that. Old habits die hard, I guess.

@zannah Good to see you here, BTW! I've been feeling quite the nostalgia for the good ol' blogger days :)

@zannah I use Tootdon, also downloaded Amaroq to give it a try.

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