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Dan Bruno @danbruno

I’m finding that I actually have to retrain myself to subscribe to folks’ RSS feeds, instead of forgetting about their interesting blogs moments after reading as they’re washed away by the social media firehose

@danbruno do you have a recommendation for a good RSS reader? I've got Thunderbird on my laptop, but these days I'm mostly just on mobile, with an iOS tablet and an Android phone...

@eryn I haven't looked into the current state of mobile RSS stuff, unfortunately! I'm still playing around with different desktop clients…

@danbruno Same (and also I had to do a double take when I saw your name and avi in the timeline)

@danbruno Just curious, but do you think it would help to have a browser add-on that automatically collects RSS feeds from sites you visit?

It could a) let you later review & subscribe to found feeds, b) prompt to subscribe after a few visits, c) auto-subscribe to build a feed from browser history

Just a side project idea I've been kicking around for a while

@lmorchard That's a neat idea! I feel like it might generate too many false positives for me personally—right now I only have, like, a dozen subscriptions—but I imagine a lot of people would find it useful.

@danbruno That's part of what I'm trying to think through, like heuristics for when to decide a feed discovered in the background is worth tracking. But general idea would be that you don't have to

@danbruno (but also that there could be a panel somewhere showing discovered feeds so you *could* decide manually too)

@danbruno Then again, sometimes when I add a bunch of rss feeds to my reader, I don't go back and read the subscriptions (in my feed reader). I really have to lessen the tsunami of input I am exposed to. :-)

@mxuribe Yeah—I’ve only got a dozen or so feeds in my reader so far. And I’m intentionally leaving out the super high-volume stuff like, say, Metafilter