been reading/listening to some game of the year stuff, and I'm kind of into the various ways that idea can break down these days:

- it's still in early access so arguably isn't out yet (e.g. Hades)
- it's not new this year, but got renewed attention thanks to a new platform (e.g. Hollow Knight)
- only some of it came out this year because it's episodic (e.g. Life Is Strange)
- it's been out for a while, but it's a live service and a game's worth of new 'stuff' happened this year (e.g. Fortnite)

congratulations to game of the year Trails of Cold Steel 2, originally released for the PS3 and Vita in 2014 but which had a very good PC port come out this year


OK I wrote about my favorite games of 2018 on my blog. #1 will SHOCK you

@danbruno I'm only like 12 hours into DQXI, and I'm enjoying it but not as much as Ni No Kuni 2 (yet). Buuuut I guess I have to give this thing a full 40 or so before I can really make any judgements

@danbruno also 100% agree on the soundtrack, I turned it off and just listen to archival hip hop radio now

@darius Maybe I need to give NNK2 another shot when I’m in a different frame of mind or something, I couldn’t get into it at all (aside from the town building, that part was neat)

@danbruno once I focused on recruiting all 100 possible townspeople it started to feel more like Trails, where the NPCs matter

@darius Yeah, that’s what I was hoping for! Maybe I didn’t get far enough or something. (I was in the dungeon after recruiting Bracken when I dropped it)

@danbruno eh I think if you didn't like it by then it's a lost cause

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