After extensive research I've determined that 2014 was the best year for the Lake Street Dive song "Mistakes" (formerly "Look at What Mistake"). They keep changing the arrangement—or at least they did until it got an album version—so you really have to thread the needle to get all of the best parts

The definite must-have is the dotted eighth rhythm on "'cause you know it," which is the best part of the entire song. Luckily, once they tried that, they never took it out. Just below that in importance, you really want a recording early enough to have the four-part harmony ending and not the chords from the album arrangement

If you listen to a recording that's too recent, you'll also "lose" some stuff: there's a stripped-down bass part, fewer harmonies in the verses, and no trumpet tag at the end of each prechorus. You'll also get a truck driver's gear change going into the outro, which I don't hate but feels like the wrong kind of cliche for this song

This video is missing some of the trumpet intro and the sound quality isn't ideal, but it's in the sweet spot arrangement-wise:

This acoustic version is as well and is maybe my favorite one of all:

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