Usually when I read one of “the classics” I pretty much know what I’m getting into ahead of time thanks to cultural osmosis, but I’m realizing now I don’t know shit about Wuthering Heights. The only thing I knew was that there’s a character called Heathcliff because of that semaphore gag from Monty Python


"I'd rather he suffered less, if I might cause his sufferings and he might know that I was the cause" everyone in this book sucks and it rules

@danbruno Cathy is the OG miserably angsty main character and I love her.

@danbruno after this you should read Jane Eyre, really get the whole Brontë Sisters Experience

@courtney hahah oh jeez, if I need to earn all of my laughs at Kate Beaton comics I have a lot of work to do 😂

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