I was trying to find the song with the earliest modulation the other day, because that's a normal thing for me to do. Aretha's Think is right about at the one-minute mark, this song Dosei Shounen by Polta does it at 0:45…but today I had Pet Sounds on and Wouldn't It Be Nice modulates after like seven seconds. So that's probably game over

(If you aren't into music theory: this is a meaningless insight. Just imagine I counted the number of lowercase g's on every page of a short story and determined that page 12 had the most)

@danbruno Ha! Doesn't that sell it short, since modulations usually have structural significance? The beginning of "Wouldn't it be nice" is an amazing fakeout, and yeah, the perfect answer to your question.

@phetre Oh, yeah, modulations are usually important! But whether one happens 15 seconds earlier than another is usually not. 😄 Wouldn't It Be Nice is the interesting outlier for sure...

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