@courtney I got on a train and there’s another ad in here that starts “Touch your tongue with your teeth. First the top. Then the bottom. Notice anything out of place?” 😰

@danbruno sorry you woke up in a Cronenburg film today. (Alternate: turns out the “teeth teeth teeth” tweet isn’t funny irl)

@danbruno definitely liked the Cronenburg one better than this Voight-Kampff one, yeah

@joshmillard wonder if they'd be amenable to a general teeth chat even if I don't want any procedures done

@danbruno "hey, yeah, i saw your ad and I had some teeth idea i wanted to run past you, number one candy teeth, they're teeth made out of candy so you can eat them for a nice treat, number two what if we had teeth for eyes and eyes for teeth, wouldn't you have to be a lot more careful when you're using a fork, number three this one's a little bit weird but bear with me--"

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