I wonder if the popular narrative I see with XSEED as the passion-fueled scrappy underdogs and NISA as the greedy corporation sniping their projects will be complicated by XSEED pulling Hatsuu’s name out of the credits for the PS4 CS ports

One good thing about Mastodon is that I don’t feel even a little bad about making a post with a bunch of inscrutable acronyms and proper nouns on a topic no one cares about but me

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@danbruno yeah it's a shitty way to treat someone who worked on your game!!!

@danbruno seems like they're going through huge changes as a studio these days

@darius Yeah. I think they just need to careful not to pigeonhole themselves into only doing weird horny garbage like Senran Kagura. That Granblue fighting game seems like a good fit for them

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