1,720. We're going full seat of the pants this year, zero planning.

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3,336. I often have trouble when I don't have a nice uninterrupted block of time, but I managed to fit my words in around doing laundry today. Still don't know what kind of story this will be! So far it's about…going on vacation? Seems a bit on the nose, but hey

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10,002. I've hit my word count every day except one, where I had plans and couldn't write. Today was a good day—got ~1700 words in an hour and a half and it felt like I barely had to think about it! If I were smart I'd keep going and catch up, but I got video games to play here

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31,687. I've been behind my target for almost the whole month, but tonight I wrote ~3,200 words and got caught up! Amazing what I can do when I'm not trying to spend every waking moment on a video game…

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49,607. I could polish it off now, but I left myself just enough to do a victory lap tomorrow.

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