should have my website show a message if you _don’t_ have an adblocker installed recommending that you get one

i should have known this would not have played as a joke on mastodon 😂 i'm sorry to everyone in the replies but i am not a real web developer, i know just enough to get into trouble

@danbruno Good idea but which? When I've looked at ad blockers in the past, it seemed that they required excessive permissions and I steered clear. Which would you recommend and what permissions requests do you consider innocuous?

With a poll...

@danbruno I think there's actually even a way you can make OTHER peoples' websites show a message recommending they get an adblocker

@danbruno as splashpage that only goes away with an adblocker, please :blobfoxwink:

@sheogorath @danbruno I'm looking forward to a link shortening service which
- If the client has a an adblocker, redirect seamlessly
- If the target website is clean (no ads, no trackers, à la Wikipedia), redirect seamlessly
- If the browser is vulnerable, ask to install the adblocker. The actual URL should be kept hidden until adblocker installed (no "i don't care" / "skip" button). Bonus point if the page show a screenshot of the target URL and list all detected trackers spreading awareness

Do you now a good npm Package for that? I'd love to annoy people with this Information...

@danbruno this is an excellent idea, I'd like to add this to my website.

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