Bowser's Fury the game is great. I have mixed feelings about Bowser's fury the mechanic, but I think it's mostly okay because the game is so short. It would probably be intolerable in a full-length Mario, but you can do all kinds of stuff in short games before they have time to wear out their welcome (though I suspect even here it'll get annoying before I can 100% it).

Anyway, a big open-world Mario is awesome and I'm excited for the next iteration of that idea

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3D World is still great too. They changed it so that dying doesn't reset the green stars you've collected so far in the level, and also sped you up significantly; the combination of those things made it feel way easier to me. I got to 👑-👑 with barely any trouble this time. (Champion's Road is still rough, but I got decently far into it within my first couple tries so I feel confident I could polish it off given a bit more time.)

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