I feel like Mass Effect could maybe lean a little bit less on mind control

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Mass Effect spoilers 

The Reapers can mind control people, the Thorian can mind control people, the Leviathan can mind control people…not to mention the synthetic analogues, like the heretic geth virus that effectively mind controls the other geth. Or hell, the entire "control" ending. It's a lot! "They were mind-controlled into doing that" is not the most satisfying end to a character arc…

Mass Effect spoilers 

@danbruno Yeah, it’s why I hugely empathized with the people disappointed that the ending of the third game was not the “Indoctrination Theory” ending and why I didn’t blame so many people for thinking “Indoctrination Theory” was the inevitable endgame for Shepard. (Including suggestions that Drew Karpyshyn was even writing directly towards that ending before leaving Mass Effect for The Old Republic.) Though I myself am not a fan of Indoctrination Theory.

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