@danbruno As the exodus continues, all that will be left of the public-facing internet will increasingly be the people too hard-headed or hard-hearted to burn out.

@whlteXbread I just mean that as people realize that having a public facing internet presence is bad for your health, they'll stop.

@mogwai_poet You don’t think they’re being replaced by a younger generation? Granted, some people are only in private Discords or group chats or whatever, but I feel like there’s still an influx of new people with public personas on TikTok etc

@danbruno There'll always be some amount of fresh blood but also I think we're rapidly moving towards where e.g. smoking was ten years ago, where everyone grew up knowing it's bad for you so they never start.

(This analogy is muddled because kids are smoking again now because they think the world is going to hell anyways.)

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