listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

@danbruno what if I ate a bug today? It *was* a pretty cool bug.

@msh @danbruno If so, how crunchy would you say it was on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being absolutely crunchy? saw an assassin bug nymph growing up on my bougainvillea bonsai today 🤗

@danbruno @platypus We've got big ol' carpenter bees around here. Danged things like to bore holes in the deck rails and eaves.

@danbruno nice take! I got to drink some iced coffee finally with the incoming spring

@danbruno I ate chickie tendies but I stg I’m not a Reddit admin. . .

@danbruno please, please, we need to know about the cool bugs in everyone's life

@infernusgoatus @danbruno I had a shield bug on my car rear view mirror today! I was sure to carefully place it back on a plant before driving off 😉

@danbruno pondered life and what the hell went wrong with it over the course of six years

@danbruno @jalefkowit I have a cactus garden and it’s flowering right now. I had soup for lunch.

@danbruno now did anyone *eat* any cool bugs is the question I am interested in here

@danbruno pizza. And My Cat found a bug but he lost it and cried about it for half an hour. I hope he finds it again, mostly for my sake

@danbruno I think I forgot to get food today. Thanks for reminding me.

There's a wasp flying in my office, still trying to figure out how the little one got in here, there is no window in this office.

Salmon. The answer is Salmon. You figure out to which question.

@danbruno There was a baby praying mantis on my car tire this morning.

@danbruno I ate vegan spinach ricotta cannelloni that @lyon made and they were 👌🏼✨ very good

Good food and cool bugs 

@danbruno lunch was leftover sweet potato fries with grated asiago. To that extent, I'm happy with my life choices.

someone in my knitting lunch call saw a spider in their living room, trapped it under a glass, and took it outside. Other people in the call suggested letting her cat eat it, but the cat was asleep

i ate a chicken sandwich and another one of those terrifying oversized mosquitos because i live in texas

@danbruno Not seen any cool bugs today :/ Yesterday was good for bumblebees tho 🐝

@danbruno I had a panini with goat cheese and avocado on it. I was not ready for the flavor tag team.

@moonlightsiesta @danbruno

So the fediverse's hashtags are sometimes a bit flaky but in addition to #cats there's also #caturday and #CatBellies

@danbruno my one year old discovered ants today. That was pretty fun.

@danbruno see this is great because inane nonsense is exactly the level of discourse that i'm most comfortable engaging in

@danbruno I of course read this as "did you eat any cool bugs"

@danbruno i did not see any cool bugs today but i'm hopeful for tomorrow

@danbruno Turkey breast and cheddar on sourdough with a big glug of Mexican hot sauce. My sinuses are *so* clean...


@danbruno i ate leftover thai food (curry pad thai) and i have not seen any cool bugs today but the cherry blossoms are starting to come in which is pretty rad

@danbruno true. I even have "little meta" in my bio – to remind myself of this. I mean serious content is also fine, but nonsense is a good start 😸

@danbruno I wish I had seen a cool bug today, that would have made my Monday a lot more manageable 🪲

I did see an uncool bug and I fixed it. Sorry I don't have a life :'(

I saw this bug, I have no idea what it is but it was magnificent

@geit @danbruno I like that Mastodon prompts us to provide captions because then I get to see everyone's descriptions of their bugs

@danbruno I had some weird chocolate from IKEA this morning. Still trying to understad the instructions though

@danbruno didnt see any cool bugs but did definitely eat

@danbruno we got bumblebees in my neighbor’s flowers, which means it is officially spring for reals

@danbruno But I only read everyone else's inane chatter, I don't actually *contribute*. Egads!

@danbruno I found out why there's bird poop on my mailbox top when I saw a male cardinal sitting on the number plate on top of the mailbox! Now if I could just figure out why ants keep wanting to live inside the mailbox. #ItsAPuzzlement

@danbruno I saw green aphids. They were cool…but I had to end them cause they’re on my basil plant

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