One thing I've been doing for the past couple years: at the end of every month I make myself write about a few media things I enjoyed recently. That way my blog isn't completely fallow if I don't have anything else I want to post (which seems to be most of the time, lately).

Anyway, here's April:

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At the same time, I have a Notes section on my website (inspired by reading posts on ‘digital gardens’ and the like) and that still has barely any content after many months. Maybe getting some more pages in there can be a May project. I still like the idea, even if I haven’t executed on it yet…

@danbruno just started Spy x Family - seems pretty good. Did you watch Ranking of Kings? Same studio I think?

@stublag I have not! I don’t watch that much anime actually 😅 Unusual for me to be watching even two shows at once like this!

@danbruno haha, me either. Ranking of Kings was extremely good though. Highly recommend it!

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