I stopped caring about Mother 3 localization years ago, but after Reggie outed himself as a blockchain-ass monetize-my-Animal-Crossing-island guy I’m in favor of haranguing him about it anyway for the rest of his life. Keep asking him when it’s coming even when he’s been out of games for fifteen years and is just a Raytheon board member or some shit

@danbruno since the fans did a splendid job with translation, i would settle for being able to play it on a platfom where the timed hits work! but i don't like the theme of entitlement that a lot of fans (internet commenters) when it comes to nintendo. they literally don't owe us anything. it's a miracle they found a way to release it as a game at all. and i think ppl don't understand now that iwata's gone it cant happen again.

@danbruno hey i know you were talking about reggie, so talking about mother 3 might be off topic but i spent exactly as much effort thinking about reggie as i meant to.

@spowers Mother 3 ran fine for me on a DS using a flash cart, though ymmv of course

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