me: I hope the folks running social media for Pokemon are doing all right

the folks running social media for Pokemon:

iOS I have never in my _entire life_ typed "chocolatina." What the hell does that even mean

according to this trash bin, the spongebob musical is “brilliant” but there is—rather conspicuously—nothing to be said about rent

my work email spam is so much better than my personal email spam

alternate universe where instead of “i can has cheezburger”-type stuff we had a generation of memes where every cat spoke like miette

the most confounding mystery in all of skyrim: how the hell does this waterway work

You know, I'm not sure this is really an overwhelming endorsement

if only there were some commonly accepted button text for this sort of situation

one great thing about apple products is the consistent user experience

every interview with Toshihiro Kondo is 90% the same questions and 10% this kind of thing

Also this happened so unfortunately I think the fan translators need to be put in jail

Actually, no, I do have another thing to post about: I just got a demo for Shenmue 3 for being a Kickstarter backer, and while I'm not going to play it right now I opened the manual just to make sure it's a video game. Happy to confirm that it is:

I think this is just an iOS 13 bug when going from the karaoke-esque lyrics view to an instrumental song, but but the lava lamp background based on the colors of the album art is really nice here

TIL the Japanese Wikipedia page for September includes a list of music games the song appears in, which is a service I didn't know I wanted from Wikipedia but now every song page without it feels deficient

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