I feel like in 2019 we should expect more from a skin color palette than this

Boston buildings reflecting the last bit of light as the sun sets:

Some algorithm has noticed that I almost always buy ebooks even when they're more expensive and is testing me to see how far I'll go

I don't know about you, but nothing would make me happier than to buy flowers to celebrate for 200 G

I watched a Japanese reaction video to the Nintendo Direct even though I don't actually know much Japanese. I could pick up a few things though!

The person watching didn't recognize The Witcher and called Geralt "shibui ojisan" when he came on screen. I had to look up "shibui," but…dang, she really had him pegged at first glance

"Hey everyone, welcome back to my Path of Radiance walkthrough. So for this level here, you're gonna want to bring all of your cavalry units and put them in the rear of your formation—"

tired: nondescript patch notes like “bug fixes and improvements”

wired: patch notes that don’t even refer to the current version of the app

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