you KNOW i got up early to watch a prerecorded ichiko aoba performance get streamed from the uk and sicced audio hijack on it

I still think about this slide from Maciej Cegłowski's 2013 XOXO talk like once a month

damn you know what maybe i CAN be an organizer. thanks outlook

going more minimalist every year with my hobonichi cover. maybe in 2022 i’ll end up with a solid color!

meant to post this here and not on twitter: it’s extremely good that all photos of ichiko aoba exist on a spectrum between forest sprite and horror movie ghost

Well, I sure don't remember anything like this in the Unity documentation!

I like when I order something from Japan and its path across the map in my delivery tracker looks like a bouncing karaoke dot

spoiler for a returning character 

goddamn look at how big this mug is

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I would literally be more convinced my bank was doing something if they did not email me at all

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