at first i thought this would be about some incredible metatextual thing where important lore was contained within the end user license agreement

uncommonly good work from the YouTube recommendation algorithm here

I got new slippers and when I put my feet together they make a bear

I look forward to asking you all to “smash that bell” at the end of each of my posts

Many years ago a doctor accidentally used my address when signing up for a hospital-related mailing list, and I’ve been getting emails about random medical shit ever since: Invites to conferences, webinar announcements, and sometimes even exciting new products

I would love know what the conversations were like around this setting. How’d they land on the threshold? Did anyone argue for keeping it on by default?

i have a bunch of line stickers of airplanes that i only use in this one group chat

all of the recommendations under aoba’s new album on ototoy are things that I bought 😂 I AM THE ALGORITHM

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