this is the most video game website typo possible

me when I start wondering if I prefer ii° in first inversion over iv

chewy challenge number thirty-two is a little TOO wild if you ask me

It's fucked up that I can check this box now

tired: what will happen at The Game Awards
wired: what is this Falcom countdown for

As you know, it's important that every piece in a program is the same amount of sad. That's why I'm going to perform that one aria from Dido and Aeneas, but high enough that only dogs can hear it. That ought to make it happy enough for tonight's show

Ah, the coda. Even though we're in a professional orchestra and it's immediately before our big performance, we've somehow never talked about the coda before! A composed manner would be great. To be clear, by "composed" I mean "dreamlike." To me, they are synonyms

Dispatch from my parents’ house over Thanksgiving: I used to hang my coat on this hook when I was a kid. Now it’s used for bags and purses, and my adult-sized coat almost touches the ground, but I still use it anyway.

This curly whipped cream situation I got into today was extremely satisfying

seems like the windows 10 login screen has been reading my scout x llama fanfic

also I dug up this exchange from a Reddit AMA some of us did, good times

According to this Dragalia Lost fan wiki, I've had good gacha luck so far—I've pulled a lot of what they consider the best characters in the game. If only…I understood what made all of them good

when the new armor piece is so good that it’s worth breaking your set bonus

Shoutout to this Kotaku commenter for writing basically my exact thought when I read this sentence 🤮

Off to a good start so far this year. Hopefully the election doesn't have the same effect it did in 2016

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