According to this Dragalia Lost fan wiki, I've had good gacha luck so far—I've pulled a lot of what they consider the best characters in the game. If only…I understood what made all of them good

when the new armor piece is so good that it’s worth breaking your set bonus

Shoutout to this Kotaku commenter for writing basically my exact thought when I read this sentence 🤮

Off to a good start so far this year. Hopefully the election doesn't have the same effect it did in 2016

found this little fella today on the comm ave mall

"heh ass" -- me, every couple of months

Got the qp limited edition in the mail today and just watched the DVD…for some reason nearly every Ichiko Aoba collaboration continues to be "Ichiko plays nice music while other people do random annoying stuff," but there were a few nice moments.

Also: the fairy aesthetic is good

shoutout to this sears for simultaneously hiring and closing somehow

I feel like this victory celebration has a certain juggalo-esque energy to it

Would love to know the story behind this Dragon Quest XI bug

This is what my phone suggests if I type the letter x and you know what? Fair enough

on day two of laughing at this tutorial prompt on our new time-tracking website

glad I follow this bot that automatically posts new resetera threads

alternate universe where Demi is a big Love Live fan and today is his holiday instead of the 21st of September

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