I'm not upset by it or anything—makes total sense for websites to follow the interests of their staff/readers—but it's kinda wild that only one of these articles above the fold is actually about a video game

I admit, I'm intrigued by this facial expression. Not enough to watch a two-hour video (is part one also two hours??), but still

got to check in on Dhalsim's favorite Cambridge spot today

According to my weather app, the temperature will double by next weekend

enjoying this Discord bug on macOS that turns this X green

at a glance I thought this said “MAIN THEM” and supposed it was about using Kit and Krysta in a fighting game or something

Small bit of good news: we’re past 5pm sunsets over here

today is the first real test of my “go outside every day” new year’s resolution

hmm…should I wait more than half a percent of my life for this book to come in from the library?

at first i thought this would be about some incredible metatextual thing where important lore was contained within the end user license agreement

uncommonly good work from the YouTube recommendation algorithm here

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