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Dan Bruno @danbruno@xoxo.zone

I see she's back to the plain single-color artwork after just letting LOOSE on her last album

no YOU have too many earthbound covers

I thought it would be fun to try to make a little guitar arrangement of Lonely Rolling Star from Katamari, but it's been so long since I did any transcription work that my harmony muscles have atrophied. I think the first few bars are something like this??

I have a weeks-long support thread with Slack about how I can't delete this message and I feel bad every time I update it because it's so utterly inconsequential

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I wanted to do a Bill Nye the Science Guy “BILL BILL BILL” chant

Spent the entire day in Washington Park 🏞❤️

I zoned out while listening to a podcast and doodled this…cozy-looking beaked ghost?

Oh dang, I didn't realize there was a guidebook with all of the ludicrous details from Shenmue's Passport thing. Now that I can look up the birthday and blood type of this nameless goon from the intro cutscene…I am finally Immersed

tfw she holds the black "smut ear"

here's a photo from last spring

tfw you aren't sure about the performance art you're seeing

After almost three years of reading Hobonichi quotes I’ve gotten pretty good at pegging the Itoi ones

This is the “don’t @ me” of footnotes (Word by Word by Kory Stamper)

Is there an Apple Design Award for best emoji usage