my phone now automatically capitalizes Fire, presumably because of Fire Emblem

damn, hershey's kisses had their classic status revoked…you hate to see it

me, going into Starbucks and sweeping all the orders off the counter and onto the floor:

And here's one for Ao that has a whole playbook. I just got through this fight now and used exactly none of these recommended abilities/spells. You just need to hit them one at a time! These poor FAQ writers…

Here's one for Zero that also suggests powering through with AOE attacks and heals. (Level 30 is on the high end for this part of the game, and Flare Butterfly is a super powerful spell)

Here's a FAQ for Sky SC which suggests hitting everyone with the spell Aerial and then healing through their AOE attacks. That probably makes this fight twice as hard as necessary!

cab driver: where we going today

passenger: my therapist

cab driver: i have a better idea

with fire emblem fresh on my mind, walking around the rose garden in portland makes me think someone’s gonna pop up and say “professor!” and give me a support conversation

I took off my hat today and the brim started coming apart like it was wet construction paper. Maybe it’s time to retire this old fella

Hobonichi update: I'm not really feeling the Mother cover this year, so I'm trying to decide between these two

was just reminded of the greatest spelling and grammar suggestion windows has ever offered me. happy april chump's day

tfw you have a thousand conversations in one chapter and it's all worth it

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