@darius aw :( at least your total perceived wait will be short, if you just learned about it!

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@darius yeah in just a couple days! also it seems that i have next week off from work, weird 🤔

Turns out the difference between the shittiest floor lamp from Target and the second shittiest is enormous.

(side note: the pronunciation of "Ys" in this video is killing me)

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Cold Steel 4 is out in less than ten days so I was absolutely in the mood for this new hour-long documentary on Falcom's history youtube.com/watch?v=JIcbJn-Ryl

They weren't that bad! 3 clears in 4 runs. Maybe I'll turn up the heat…but also maybe I just wanna get to the credits first 😬

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I think the dam has broken. I made some dumb mistakes on the final boss in run 21, but got two more clears on 22 and 23. Those were done with my three best weapons, though, so now things will get a bit harder again as I learn to use the other ones

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late update: i heard this again on a podcast!!! what is this world coming to eh

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having some pumpkin pie in celebration of noticing that there was pumpkin pie for sale at the supermarket today

"good mouth tonight," i said out loud to my empty apartment

@mogwai_poet I tried this thing once and it was all right! Good proof of concept, at least theonline.town/

to whatever degree this kind of pedantic hair-splitting is interesting: I don't think "the game of the year" can be anything other than Animal Crossing, which basically defined my life for months and is inextricably linked with how I think about 2020, but Hades might be the _best_ game I've played this year

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Spelunky 2 seems fine, but it doesn't have anything like the magnetic pull of Hades for me and I put it down after a half hour or so. Supergiant has become too powerful

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