I love how the ONLY response I've seen to CS3 getting delayed a month is "ok yeah that's fine"

I bet there are a lot of people in my boat who a) held off on Crossbell while waiting to see how Geofront's Zero fan translation would go; b) started the existing Zero translation in a panic when they realized they were running out of time; and c) are probably gonna play Fire Emblem when that comes out

Zero is really good so far. I wish the translation was better, but it’s not bad enough to impede understanding like the Nayuta fan translation

I have 10+ of experience making music games, call me and I will consult for free

@darius a) I'm only a little bit past that! I realized that if I hope to finish Crossbell before CS3, with Fire Emblem and XOXO in there too, I should get my butt in gear…

b) Agreed! That's something I like in Nintendo games too, Zelda in particular. Also, it seems like retracing past events is narratively important in Cold Steel…

c) In my replay I caught a conversation where Jusis uses a chess metaphor and Machias is like "I'm a chess expert! Don't you tell me what is or isn't like chess!" 😂

This post brought to you by me luxuriating in the Zero prologue, where I’ve played for three and a half hours with maybe 20 minutes of combat so far

Trails games do start slow, but I would never frame that as “it gets good after x hours” or “the _real_ game doesn’t start until you get to y.” That slow stuff _is_ the real game—you’re still gonna be buried in NPC dialogue thirty hours in.

It’d be like recommending Animal Crossing by saying “it starts slow, but once you get the fishing rod and the shovel it really picks up”: technically true, but if someone isn’t bought in on the relaxed pacing anyway they’re probably playing the wrong series.

I don't really participate on MetaFilter anymore, but I still lurk sometimes and I'm glad it's around. Glad enough to throw it a few bucks every month, even! login.metafilter.com/funding.m

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MetaFilter, the online community I run, is 20 years old today, which is just whaaaaaat when I really think about it.

I wrote up some thoughts about what the site means to me and what I want it to be.


I bought new socks and have been pulling them out of the packaging as I need them, and every time I do it I think "ah, fresh-picked socks"

so now I'm sharing this curse with you all

happy Sunday

Also pretty sure that Sothis is Fie, although not fifty million dollars sure

I just listened to the little voice clips Nintendo put up for the Fire Emblem cast and I would put fifty million dollars on Lorenz sharing a voice actor with Jusis

if you've never gone to a museum a) by yourself or b) as a member (i.e., without the pressure of feeling like you need to see everything to make the ticket purchase worth it), i highly recommend both. totally different experience than going with a partner/group

I feel like in 2019 we should expect more from a skin color palette than this

I got to the "special bonding event before the ostensible final battle" part in my CS2 replay and used the NG+ bonuses to watch all twelve of them in a row and I feel ALIVE

d&d-style world where a teetotaling adventurer can’t get any quests because they don’t hang out at taverns

Sounds plausible that we'll get the Crossbell games officially one day youtube.com/watch?v=cYLbjEEE1g

I'm not used to there being so much Fire Emblem promotional stuff! And I'm CERTAINLY not used to there being so much Trails promotional stuff. I keep having to read gaming news sites and watch gaming videos like some kinda gamer

I wrote "April Fools joke" in an email, and Outlook underlined it. I thought "Ah, it must be calling out my missed apostrophe," but in fact it had detected a Possible Word Choice Error and suggested I may have meant "April Chump's joke"

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