@darius @christinelove Aw dang, if you're into the combat maybe I messed up and shoulda told you to play Ys instead

@christinelove can't wait for your game to be featured on the Unity website so you get to write one of these blurbs unity.com/solutions/console-an

my dad, at a bookstore: hey do you have The British are Coming by Rick Atkinson

the bookstore employee, revealing her RP accent: some might say we're _already here_

I post a lot about Falcom games because it's more fun, but the truth is that lately I've been playing Forza Horizon. I don't know/care enough about cars to ever be a superfan, but man is it good

It is hard for me to imagine a less useful recommendation engine than Steam's

legend of heroes riffing 

legend of heroes riffing 

Watching Monster Factory before bed meant that I reflexively blamed Todd Howard for how cold it was when I woke up


CS3 chapter 3 

My dentist sent me a check for $25 and a bill for $26.80 at the same time

CS3 chapter 3 

woke up with a fever the day after seeing this so maybe I do not like the cursed mirror after all

this thing definitely reflects magic damage back at the attacker

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