I just ordered a Flecktones hippo plushie, which I will put next to my Mishy plushie to represent my ULTIMATE PERSONAL BRAND

31,687. I've been behind my target for almost the whole month, but tonight I wrote ~3,200 words and got caught up! Amazing what I can do when I'm not trying to spend every waking moment on a video game…

A new Half-Life was announced and a new Shenmue came out within 24 hours. It’s 2019

@tewha I understand that they need to be super careful about data loss, but the fact that "Revert" _also saves a file_ is wild to me

I had an old hoodie practically rot off of my body today. I put my hands in the pockets and created a huge rip down the side, and then bent my elbow to look at my phone and tore through that also. Then I noticed that the still-together bits were so threadbare that I could see my shirt through it anyway. RIP

I guess I should get back to my novel eh

There are other games I've played _for_ longer, but usually that's because the game doesn't actually have an end or because there's some time sink from grinding or otherwise retreading ground. This was like 100 hours of drinking from a firehose

I finished Cold Steel 3! It's good. It's my favorite of this arc and in the top three for the whole series. It is also one of the longest games I've ever played; I was just about at 100 hours when the credits rolled

me: I hope the folks running social media for Pokemon are doing all right

the folks running social media for Pokemon:

I haven't checked my email yet this month.

I have a character named Wren in my NaNoWriMo novel and I just wrote the sentence "Wren swallowed" and then laughed for thirty seconds about birds

tired: "this place is creepy"
wired: "the higher elements are active here"

I don’t know about all of you, but my favorite “strand game” is supporting my local independent bookstore

@joshmillard TV spot featuring One-Winged Angel, but with the choir singing SEPHORA

Cultural thing that has evolved on my team's Slack at work: when someone mentions that they're out sick, people slap a 🍵 emoji reaction on their message. I've done five 🍵s so far today, getting a little worried...

I don't think I've ever felt the amount of dread at a video game cutscene as I just did when the PS4's "recording is temporarily disabled" thing popped for the first time in 60+ hours

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