seems like it’s been a little while since the last old town road remix eh

I wonder if Nintendo has analytics on what people name their Animal Crossing islands. So far I've seen five Flavortowns, but that could be sampling bias in that people who would name their island Flavortown are also more likely to tell others about it on social media

Seriously, what the heck. Wikipedia says it's the #9 all-time most-liked tweet now

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I have never played or even heard of this game but the experience is so familiar that it feels like I have

taking this wfh opportunity to see how fucked up my beard will look if I stop shaving, and so far the answer is: pretty fucked up

That is seriously one of the most popular tweets I’ve ever seen

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apologies to my neighbors for just stress-strumming the same three chords on my guitar over and over for like half an hour

the only two games that have held my attention this week are Desert Golfing and Minesweeper

Now that folks have the game and are datamining everything, I spoiled myself on the Animal Crossing soundtrack. Good tunes 🎶🏖

I’m not a Patriots fan or even a football fan, but I appreciate that Boston papers are somehow making room above the fold for Tom Brady headlines even at a time like this

I've gotten to a place where I only have to check my email once a month or so and it's fantastic

I finally got to that Reply All episode everyone's been talking about about the song and it lives up to the hype

it's extremely good that Nintendo thought I might forget when Animal Crossing is coming out

I did get a bunch of nonperishables, but I kinda wish I had gotten more…perishables. I had a box of Kraft for dinner and that probably wasn't strictly necessary

in the running for longest week of my life

@darius I thought I might be immune to this with my common and monosyllabic name, but nope—I've gotten Don, Den, Nan…

This is the most impressed I've been by a fan translation project since Mother 3. Out this weekend!

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