tonight i got to introduce my parents to the "here comes the pizza" saga

haha I tried to buy something from a japanese retailer that doesn't accept us cards and set off fraud alerts with three different banks

man y'all could not pay me enough to jump in on some of the video games discourse that runs through twitter dot com

there's a new Atelier gacha game subtitled Alchemist of Bressisle and I can't help reading it in a Snoop sort of way

I saw an ad for a company called Try Cleaning with the slogan “If You Haven’t Tried Try Cleaning Today.” Grammatically upsetting

when you’re getting the last dregs out of a bottle of whipped cream it comes out at a different framerate like it’s from into the spider-verse

if i suddenly had to do a podcast ad read for squarespace, like to resolve a hostage situation or something, i bet i could pull it off. just give me that offer code holmes

morrowind is good because there's an enemy that attacks you on sight UNLESS you use a calm spell or sneak up on him, in which case you can have a short conversation where he gives you a drink first

new type of guy: watches asmr videos at 2x speed

project idea: play and rank all of the wii shopping channel games that appear on the update day sketch from nirvana the band the show

@mogwai_poet maybe you need to invent Markdown in your mind palace or whatever

Mass Effect spoilers 

The Reapers can mind control people, the Thorian can mind control people, the Leviathan can mind control people…not to mention the synthetic analogues, like the heretic geth virus that effectively mind controls the other geth. Or hell, the entire "control" ending. It's a lot! "They were mind-controlled into doing that" is not the most satisfying end to a character arc…

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I feel like Mass Effect could maybe lean a little bit less on mind control

@annika I know someone who used to think "fortnight" just meant "a long time," so sometimes he'd say something that sounded uncannily specific like "I haven't seen her in a fortnight"

Kiseki stuff 

@darius I stayed up 😅 That was neat!
- I dunno if those guitarists have ever been to a Guitar Center before but even if not they have strong hanging out at a Guitar Center vibes
- Wild that they’re using the Geofront’s Crossbell translations
- 2023 is far…

I can think of three people I know who own this game off the top of my head and I saw when it was getting some press coverage, and I'm definitely guilty of extrapolating from those to "massive success." I should know better!

But also: y'all should try Mixolumia, it's good

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Kiseki stuff 

@darius I'm thinking about it, but a 1am _start_ is pretty rough for me, haha. (Also there are some leaks out there about what's coming! But I won't spoil here if you're watching for the surprise)

@christinelove Yep I'm in this same boat! I'm still not sure if I played ME2's Arrival before or if I just read about it on a wiki…

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