“I’m typing with haptic feedback!” as a phone equivalent to “I’m using tilt controls!”

all of my Lightning cables are slowly developing hairline fractures on their connectors but I feel if I stick it out a little while maybe everything will turn into USB anyway

@darius nice 5-star homestuck made this world review 😆

Someone in a Zoom meeting lit some incense on camera but the video quality was too low to see the stick, so it looked to me like he just menacingly held a match for a second

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 spoilers (ch 5) 

This is the most I've laughed at anything this entire series

Trails of Cold Steel IV 

@darius Milliurn

pandemic vignette: I haven’t eaten oatmeal in months because it’s been too hot, but I keep one of those big 42 oz cylinders on my counter anyway because it’s a good tablet stand for when I’m washing the dishes. I’ve gotten good at pausing a YouTube video with my nose when my hands are wet

[playing a video game where a random background NPC is named Rose] damn…Homestuck really did make this world

system dialogs for the app Things always seem a little bit more profound

Finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles a full decade after I started it on the Wii. There is a lot of stuff to like in there, but it is spread way, way too thin. It's like that feeling of spending too long in the Hinterlands in Dragon Age Inquisition, but ten times over

I love when a game that normally gives you quest instructions like "Defeat all enemies (2/10)" serves up something like this

One time like fifteen years ago I was in an airport in Michigan, and they had the Weather Channel on all the TVs, and during one of those automated segments without a meteorologist on screen they played the outro to Layla. That time and place is still my association with that song

curious about a shirt I saw on the T that just says “Favorite restaurants in London,” no images or other text

general social media curmudgeon shit 

holy christ i could not possibly care less about your fucking dall-e results

it occurred to me today that my tv is now the worst and oldest screen i own and the futon in front of it is the least comfortable seat i own. changing priorities, i guess!

it feels like backyard fireworks season should be over by now. and yet…

every year or two i decide that maybe it's time i learn to write shaders, but i'm always wrong

@mogwai_poet That minigame is for when you talk to NPCs, but when they talk to each other you often hear the sort of stapled-together nonsense you're describing—e.g. youtube.com/watch?v=tDzoilnf4Y

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