@red cram + clamor + clamber = ...crambœr?

also dang you have another mastodon i can't keep up!!

People keep "clambering" everywhere in my nanowrimo novel. It's like the word is stuck in my head

According to this Dragalia Lost fan wiki, I've had good gacha luck so far—I've pulled a lot of what they consider the best characters in the game. If only…I understood what made all of them good

don't sing along to Yer Blues in public

Tetris Effect has the same energy as Baba Yetu from Civ IV

I have a thing up on Uses This, if you're curious about what I uses: usesthis.com/interviews/dan.br

@mogwai_poet Yes! Maybe my favorite song on that album. I was excited when it made the cut for the Beatles Rock Band disc

Never noticed how much metrical fuckery there is in Lennon's White Album songs. Happiness Is a Warm Gun, Yer Blues, Me and My Monkey, and Bungalow Bill are the most obvious ones, but also Revolution has that little half bar during the verse and Julia has those elisions at the end of every section. Interesting songwriter, this John Lennon guy

oh I guess that's a link to somewhere in the middle, huh. well…scroll both ways

did you know: On the Paul Simon album Paul Simon, there's a song about Armistice Day called Armistice Day that includes the lyric "Armistice Day, Armistice Day / That's all I really wanted to say"

one day I'm going to start eating breakfast and then I will be unstoppable

when the new armor piece is so good that it’s worth breaking your set bonus xoxo.zone/media/wXY7JP8smrnEXc

Shoutout to this Kotaku commenter for writing basically my exact thought when I read this sentence 🤮

I played with some of the new Apple hardware at the store, but there is no feature that a new Mac laptop can give me—not Retina screens, not Touch ID, not even quadrupling my RAM—that is worth giving up a keyboard that I actually like to use. The only thing I do on this computer is type, and that new keyboard still feels like garbage to me

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