it feels like it wants to play in the space of those things that are like "you can only keep one of these popular movie franchises" but it forgot to include any stakes so it's just "what would you like for breakfast today"

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"you walk into a bagel shop and can only choose one…" is a weird setup for a viral quote-tweet meme for me because that is the only way i have ever used a bagel shop: i walk in, and then i choose one


someone I know just tested positive, only a few days after their first shot, because one relative caught it from another relative and passed it along before any of them had symptoms. don't get careless even if it feels like it's almost over because folks in your circles are getting shots!!

I used a lint roller on the cover of my journal just now but I haven't vacuumed my actual floor in like six weeks

i thought tonight might be the night i get into hitman but that is the exact opposite energy that i want, whoops

i didn't go hard on refreshing websites for graphics cards and i'm not going to do it for vaccines. instead i will get an appointment in the way that god intended: by clicking on an affiliate link from wario64

when i got back from grocery shopping my power was out so i texted my landlord and then went to check out the breaker box in the basement; the apartment next to mine had some of _its_ breakers tripped, so i went back upstairs and found a guy doing work in there and he apologized and we got it sorted…but it's been years since i've actually seen my landlord and have forgotten what he looks like so i don't know if that was him or not

DoorDash implies the existence of DoorDance and DoorPrance

good typo I saw: "Sorry for Partly Rocking"

a limited-edition Call of Duty controller, with digital camo or whatever, where they change one of the face buttons to an F

raising my new sitting/standing desk hybrid so that my messy room is out of the webcam frame when I join work calls

you ever have a week that effectively undoes a vacation immediately

anyway i took a third option, which was to find someone covering the song on youtube and watch their hands. it was a 7sus4b9

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was trying to transcribe some harmony and couldn't place one of the chords, and then thought "this is definitely the same chord as that other song a few months ago last time i got stuck like this" and i had to run the mental calculus of whether it would be faster to figure out the chord or remember what that other song was to compare

i wonder how much time i've spent inside of castles in video games, cumulatively, over my entire life

I took the rest of this week off, with the thought that it’s going to take around three days to get back down to a normal level of anxiety so if I start now I can enjoy the actual weekend when that comes around

I made some instant hot chocolate and then, while on autopilot and not paying attention, added some salt. It did not make it better

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