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Staying up until (what my body thought was) 5 AM last night seems to be catching up with me. I made it to one of today’s XOXO meetups, at least!

I stayed up to watch Cameron Esposito’s standup special, and it was great, but it is also now extremely late for a person still a little bit on Eastern time

I constantly feel like I’m sneaking onto public transit in Portland because I just have a little piece of paper in my wallet that I never show to anyone

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My art site has been down for most of a year but #xoxofest starting fuckin' TOMORROW finally nudged me to get it back up and unfucked and updated, so, yay for now at least: paintings in an easy to browse place!

Me normally: skip breakfast entirely

Me today: order TWO breakfast sandwiches, say they’re to go so it seems less gluttonous, walk around the corner, and then scarf both down so quickly my nose starts running

Also, if it wasn’t clear yet: I’m gonna be real talkative all of a sudden because of XOXO! (Just don’t ask me to explain what it is, apparently)

I did not have it together enough to explain XOXO to the hotel concierge making small talk. “It’s like…there’s internet artists?”

I’ve decided that it’s good luck if your hotel room number is binary

Carpet Town. The Lamplit Paradise. Crabville. Pieceworker’s Rest. City of Honey. The All-American. Home of the Endless Threnody

On the phone with my parents earlier:

dad: so what was August's movie
me: oh uh it was this documentary about fonts called Helvetica
dad: …is that allowed

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Some poor employee probably damn near had a heart attack when they first heard Charles Martinet say “Mario time”

Dying at this anecdote of Miyamoto coming by at 11 PM and saying “It’s Mario time” to kick off a three-hour meeting

I’ll probably end up leaving my Switch in my bag because I have a middle seat on my flight to Portland, and like usual I’ll be trying to shrink into nothingness while listening to music. But, I’m still bringing it

I zoned out while listening to a podcast and doodled this…cozy-looking beaked ghost?

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