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Weird, I got enough sleep last night but it didn't immediately solve all of my problems. Maybe it's because I needed to stay at an inn. Or maybe there's a plot event today

I came across a Twitter account from a Japanese person learning English who only wants to tweet about mascots. I love it

Important news for people who have Apple TVs: the Aerial screensaver will now tell you what you're looking at if you tap the touchpad. AND you can swipe the touchpad to get a new screensaver

This is like the #2 feature of the new spate of Apple OSes for me, only trailing better performance in iOS 12

I have some of a blog post written about how the length of a video game affects its narrative more dramatically than is usually acknowledged, and since it talks about Dragon Quest XI a bunch the filename is "dragon big.txt"

I accidentally went 26 hours between meals, DAMA (don't ask me anything)


me: Yeah I think I’m just not that into this Dragalia Lost thing
iOS 12’s new Screen Time feature: Really? Because it looks like—
me: Shhhh

The fact that these games are apparently "Soulcalibur" and not "Soul Calibur" is some real Berenstain Bears shit for me

I had to be on a stage for a couple of minutes tonight (reading category nominees and then announcing the winner at an awards show) and it made me grateful that I was on the debate team in high school.

I'm not sure I got better at 'debating'—at least not outside of the very specific constraints of that activity—and I'm not even sure I got better at public speaking. I did get _less scared_ of public speaking, though! That's been more useful in life than some entire high school classes, honestly

One thing I do appreciate though: the music is on point. Weirdly poppy given the rest of the game's aesthetic, but it leans into it really hard and it works for me somehow

I don’t especially enjoy playing Dragalia Lost, but I am enjoying its futile attempts to explain how the hell everything works.

Some tutorial quests I’ve had so far: Level up your characters. Level up your characters’ skills/abilities. Level up your weapons. Level up your dragon friends. Level up your other, larger dragon friend. Level up your “wyrmprints” (they’re equippable buffs, I think?). Level up your castle. Level up the buildings in your castle town. Level up your friend summons.

here's something I never expected to type: there's a shoutout to my tumblr on the latest episode of roderick on the line

as of tonight I have a 1001-day streak of writing daily journal entries. take that, scheherazade

Later, Trails of Cold Steel did a kind of neat thing: the battle theme "Severe Blow" is a sort of neutered version of "Fateful Confrontation." It has the same general structure and a similar arrangement, but without…the melody. There is some resonance with the plot that makes this thematically appropriate, even

Anyway, that's it. Just a little dump of video game music nonsense to keep you on your toes

"Maybe it was fated" has its own evolutionary branch. There's a vocal version:

And there's also this jazzy acoustic arrangement. To recap, this is the acoustic version of the vocal version of the alternate version of a boss battle theme, which theme had already appeared at least twice earlier in the game

That one is essentially a pre-boss battle windup for "Fateful Confrontation," which is sort of the canonical version of this theme:

This is where things get interesting, since Falcom likes alt versions so much.

Here's a chill remix of "Fateful Confrontation":

Here's an 8-bit one from Ao no Kiseki: Still

Here's the alternate version "Maybe it was fated":

All right let's do this

Following are some different versions of the Enforcer theme—at least that's what I imagine it ought to be called, based on how it's used—from the Trails series

I think the first statement of this theme (in terms of when you encounter it as a player) is in this piece, "Flying Battleship 'Glorious,'" from Trails in the Sky SC. It starts at around 0:33:

You then hear it here in "The Enforcers":

twitter, blah blah blah 

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