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Got the qp limited edition in the mail today and just watched the DVD…for some reason nearly every Ichiko Aoba collaboration continues to be "Ichiko plays nice music while other people do random annoying stuff," but there were a few nice moments.

Also: the fairy aesthetic is good

Update: my dad was put in twitter jail because he called some neocon a dipshit

over the last year and a half or so, it feels like my ability to manage anxiety is being outpaced by the number and magnitude of things to be anxious about. can i, like…grind self-care for a bit to level it up

even though the weather is shitty today i was responsible and went out to the supermarket to get like cold cuts and toilet bowl cleaner and stuff, so i hereby award myself this medal: 🏅

Good thing I only played Soulcalibur VI for like 45 minutes so far so I have plenty of time to become a 2B main

Holy hell, just reading about WS game 3 now after going to bed around midnight

eep, two high-profile departures at Xseed in one day 😬

I don’t remember where the tab came from anymore, but whoever posted this…thank you

I wrote about the new Ichiko Aoba album on my blog to spare you all a 12-post Mastodon thread

maybe if i decide to shut the thing down for some reason i'll just drop brova in as the last post

i have this tumblr,, that's entirely user submissions. every couple of weeks i go through the pile and add things to the queue, and that's basically the entirety of my interaction with it.

at the bottom of the pile is a selfie that some guy named brova inexplicably sent me one time, so when i get to his photo i know i'm done. shoutouts to brova

Until we get AAA games on itch, I guess I'm using...Humble and Origin for those?

I guess it's time I rejigger my Least Bad Digital Game Stores list again eh

I started getting Bob Ross videos in the old recommendations sidebar on YouTube and it's great

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