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It is Ocarina of Time's 20th anniversary so I'm here to tell you once again that the Water Temple is good, actually

also I dug up this exchange from a Reddit AMA some of us did, good times

The discussion about video game subtitles I see over on Twitter reminded me of doing the transcription and timing work for the RB4 Rockudrama expansion subs. It was only probably six or seven thousand words but I took it pretty seriously and so it still took a long-ass time. I can't even imagine doing that for, like, an RPG

censorship: THE MAN is saying that I shouldn't use the word "chthonic" in this string

these are very cool, and also, what's up internet in 2018 I'm just sharing a kottke dot org link like it's a regular day

Remember when Sara Quin from Tegan & Sara sang the Portal song on Jonathan Coulton's album a few years back

I wonder how that collaboration happened

IMO it would be funny if Sara was a big Portal fan and this was a dream gig for her, but it would be just as funny if she had never heard of it before and spent the whole time thinking "what is this weird nerd bullshit"

Béla Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Zakir Hussain, Rakesh Chaurasia show Show more

Béla Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Zakir Hussain, Rakesh Chaurasia show Show more

Things I have tried so far in the new Pokemon game:
- Give yourself and your rival the same name to see if that's allowed (it is)
- Try both available genders to see if your rival's changes also (it doesn't)
- Start with different skin tones to see if your mom's changes also (it doesn't; it seems they tried, unsuccessfully, to split the difference between all four options)

Things I have not yet tried in the new Pokemon game:
- Play

QA habits die hard

dang this guy is spread across World, Blues, and Africa now in iTunes

maybe I should put all his stuff in Africa and also put Africa by Toto in there

"Africa" somehow seems like an even worse idea for a genre name than "World" despite technically being more specific

There are lots of great Bob Ross-isms, but I think my favorite is when he says “yep!” after ‘discovering’ where something is. As in: “And maybe, in our world…there’s just a little…yep! He lives riiiight there.”

Man I wonder what else is in this story, maybe it's good

it's like I dunked on myself with one of those old "SHE married HIM??" classmates ads

I apparently introduced a romance subplot in my nanowrimo novel last night and then promptly forgot about it, so just now I opened it up and was like "oh shiiiiit"

People keep "clambering" everywhere in my nanowrimo novel. It's like the word is stuck in my head

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